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PLA Mask

In 2020, global COVID-19, Lightbatt quickly built its own mask factory. However, with the rapid increase of the number of masks in the world, a large number of discarded masks flow into the natural environment, causing serious harm to the global environment. Lightbat is committed to green energy. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, biodegradable materials are developed on the basis of 20 years of experience and technology of polylactic acid materials. After six months of efforts, we have successfully developed biodegradable mask materials and have been steadily put into production.

At present, the PLA mask developed by our company can meet the needs of daily protection. We can customize different styles of masks. Our filtration efficiency PFE is maintained at more than 95% and BFE is maintained at more than 99%. At present, the validity period is 2 years. We constantly improve the quality of products through the improvement suggestions put forward by customers. At present, the production capacity of our pla mask is 4 million pieces / day. At present, customers from many countries all over the world conduct in-depth cooperation with us.

Our pla mask has three series: PLA disposable flat mask, PLA kf94 mask and PLA kn95 mask. Through 10 years of PLA particle modification technology, we have developed special particles for PLA melt blown cloth, which are made into melt blown cloth conforming to PLA mask through melt blown equipment. At the same time, we have developed and produced PLA nose bar, PLA non-woven fabric and PLA ear rope. The characteristics of our pla mask products are that the materials of the overall mask are biodegradable to replace the traditional PLA nonwoven fabric mask. The natural environment decomposition of the traditional PLA nonwoven fabric mask takes 450 years, the natural decomposition time of the PLA mask is 2-3 years, and the biological composting degradation is about 180 days. At present, the PLA mask sold by our dealers, wholesalers and agents is mainly distributed in South Korea, Japan, France, Turkey, the United States, Australia, etc.

Our pla mask has SGS infrared spectrum detection certificate, TUV degradation certificate of PLA particles, MSDS certificate of PLA particles, TUV EN13432 degradation fiber certificate and PLA mask China national standard report.

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PLA Mask made in China is one kind of products from Lightbatt factory. We are one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China and we can provide customized service of PLA Mask. If you want to wholesale cheap and durable PLA Mask with high quality, contact us for low price. When can I get your quotation? We will reply you as soon as possible and send you a quotation. For more info, please contact us. Look forward to working with you!