Corn fiber (PLA) is also known as polylactic acid fiber


Corn fiber (PLA), also known as polylactic acid fibers; there is excellent salvation, slippery, moisture absorbing, natural antibacterial, and weak acidity, good heat resistance, and anti-UV, this fiber Do not use oil-like chemical raw materials at all, its waste under soil and seawater microorganisms,
Can decompose into and water without polluting the earth environment. Since the initial material of the fiber is starch, the recycled cycle cycle is short, and it is about one to two years, which can reduce the content of the plants in the atmosphere. Burning PLA fibers, almost no, its combustion heat is about one-third of polyethylene and polypropylene.

PLA fibers use naturally renewable plant resources as raw materials, reducing the dependence of traditional oil resources, in line with the requirements of sustainable development of the international community, and it has the advantages of synthetic fibers and natural fibers, but also fully natural circulation and energy Characteristics of biological decomposition, compared to conventional fiber materials,
Corn fibers have many unique performance, so they have received extensive attention from the international textile industry.