Two component PLA melt blown technology


The two-component PLA melt blown fiber can supplement the deficiency of the performance of a single polymer. For example, polypropylene is relatively cheap, but it is not resistant to radiation if it is used in medical and health materials. In this way, polypropylene can be used as the core(PLA melt blown fiber), and the problem of radiation resistance can be solved by selecting an appropriate radiation resistant polymer in its outer layer. Thus, the product can be cheap and complete the functional requirements. For example, in the medical field, the heat and humidity exchanger can be used for the respiratory system, and can provide suitable natural heat and humidity. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, disposable or convenient disinfection, low price, and can also play an additional role as a filter for removing pollutants. It can be composed of two evenly mixed two-component melt blown fiber nets. It adopts skin core two-component fiber, the core is polypropylene and the skin is nylon. The two-component fiber can also adopt special-shaped cross-section, such as trefoil and multi leaf, so as to make its surface area larger. At the same time, the polymer that can improve the filtration performance can also be used on its surface or blade tip. Olefin or polyester melt blown two-component fiber mesh can be made into cylindrical liquid and gas filters. Melt blown two-component fiber mesh can also be used for cigarette filter nozzle; Using wicking effect to make high-grade ink wicking core; Core suction rod for liquid retention and infusion, etc.