Different kinds of PLA melt blown(2)


Micro denier type of the PLA melt blown: orange petal type, strip stripping type components or island type components can be used. Two incompatible polymers are peeled to make microfiber nets, or even nanofiber nets. For example, the peeled two-component fiber developed by Kimberly Clark is that the two-component fiber made of two incompatible polymers can be completely peeled in hot water for less than one second to make microfiber nets. For the island type, the sea should be dissolved to obtain a fine island fiber network.

Mixed type of the PLA melt blown: it is a fiber web with CO spinning and two-component fibers mixed with different materials, different colors, different fibers, different cross-section shapes, and even parallel fibers with skin and core, so that the fibers have all kinds of required properties. Compared with ordinary melt blown fiber products, this kind of melt blown two-component fiber nonwovens or mixed fiber nonwovens can further improve the filterability of the filter medium, and make the filter medium have antistatic, conductive, hygroscopic, enhanced barrier, etc; Or improve the adhesion, fluffy and air permeability of the fiber mesh.