Different kinds of PLA melt blowns(1)


Leather core type of the PLA melt blown: it can make nonwovens feel soft and can be made into concentric, eccentric and special-shaped products. Generally, the core is made of cheap materials, and the expensive polymer with special or required properties is the skin layer. For example, the core is polypropylene and the skin is nylon, which makes the fiber hygroscopic; The core is polypropylene, and the outer skin is low melting point polyethylene or modified polypropylene, modified polyester, etc. For carbon black conductive fibers, the conductive core is wrapped inside.

Juxtaposition of the PLA melt blown: Nonwovens can have good elasticity. Usually, juxtaposition two-component fibers are made of two different polymers or the same polymer with different viscosity. Spiral crimped fibers can be made by using different heat shrinkability of different polymers. For example, 3M company has developed melt blown PET / PP two-component fiber nonwovens. Due to different shrinkage, spiral crimping is formed, which makes the nonwovens have excellent elasticity.

Tip type of the PLA melt blown: This is another polymer compounded at the trefoil type, cross type and tip. For example, when making antistatic, moisture conducting and conductive fibers, conductive polymers can be compounded on the top, which can not only conduct moisture, but also conduct electricity and antistatic, and save the amount of conductive polymers.