The application field of the PLA material(2)


Other resins(PLA material)
Biaxial tensile film is the most successful PLA film so far. The heat-resistant temperature of biaxial tensile and heat setting PLA film can be increased to 90 ℃, which just makes up for the defect that PLA is not resistant to high temperature. By adjusting the biaxial tensile orientation and setting process, the heat sealing temperature of bopla film can also be controlled at 70 ~ 160 ℃. This advantage is not possessed by ordinary BOPET. In addition, the light transmittance of bopla film reaches 94%, the haze is very low, and the surface gloss is also very good. This kind of film can be used for flower packaging, envelope transparent window film, candy packaging, etc.

Spunbonded non-woven fabrics have been used in PLA non-woven fabrics. Because of the implementation of China's plastic restriction order, this non-woven fabric is popular in the production of shopping bags. The two fields of film blowing and film coating are still under further exploration because of some characteristic defects of PLA itself. Some successful application cases are the use of PLA after modification.

Cardiac stent(PLA material)
Soluble polylactic acid stents are designed to absorb the benefits of existing devices without leaving a "metal spider" like metal stents. This "spider image" will appear when taking x-rays of patients, at which time the patient's coronary artery is completely stented. The existing stent does not contract and does not expand with the natural movement of the artery. Metal stents can cause fatal thrombosis and may interfere with future detection and surgery.