The production process of the PLA material


1. Take materials(PLA)
After crushing shell crops such as corn, starch is extracted from it, and then the starch is made into unrefined glucose. Many high technologies have overcome the grinding process and directly extract raw materials from a large number of crops.

2. Ferment(PLA)
Glucose is fermented in a manner similar to the production of beer or alcohol, and after fermentation, glucose becomes similar to food and lactic acid is added to human muscle tissue.

3. Intermediate product(PLA)
The lactic acid monomer is transformed into an intermediate product, dehydrated lactic acid, namely lactide, by a special concentration process.

4. Aggregate(PLA)
After vacuum purification of lactide monomer, the ring opening action is completed by a solvent-free dissolution process to polymerize the monomer.

5. Polymer modification(PLA)

Due to the different molecular weight and crystallinity of polymers, there is a large space for the change of material properties. Therefore, PLA is modified differently for different products.