Polylactic acid non-woven fabric


Due to the development of microbial technology, there are already several types of biodegradable plastics in the world, among which polylactic acid is more and more popular. Since polylactic acid factories do not deplete natural resources, non-woven fabric manufacturers are increasingly interested in developing new products using this raw material. Various non-woven fabrics made of polylactic acid are biodegradable, and some blend polylactic acid with other natural fibers or rayon to make the final product biodegradable.

Polylactic acid membrane cloth is a new type of bio-based material. It has soft hand feeling, strong adsorption, moisture, breathability, and antibacterial. It is a pure, safe, healthy, and high-quality material that is close to the skin. It has many biological characteristics that other substrates can’t compare. The ideal base material for high-quality masks. Polylactic acid and its polylactic acid fiber have natural antibacterial, anti-mite, and PH value close to the skin, and are known as people's second skin. (SGS test data). Polylactic acid can support the normal growth of skin fiber cells, and is used in the medical field as a cell culture material in skin tissue engineering. (China Academic Journals Online Publishing Database, 2002 Issue 22)

Polylactic acid can be implanted in the human body and absorbed by the human body. It has been used in the medical field for nearly 30 years. Polylactic acid fiber is used as the base material of the mask to separate some free small molecules. This small molecule has a strong penetration force. After being combined with the lactic acid substance of the skin itself, it can not only inhibit bacteria, but also improve the absorption of nutrient solution and enhance Growth vitality of facial skin. At the same time, the polylactic acid membrane cloth has very good water absorption performance, can store more essence, and has strong adsorption performance, which can better absorb oil and remove impurities, so that the facial skin can achieve a deeper level of cleansing. The porous structure of the polylactic acid membrane allows air and water vapor to pass through, fully retains the active factors in the essence, has a good moisturizing effect, and the essence is not easy to dry or volatilize, prolong the skin absorption time, and enhance the product promotion effect.

Only Shintec and Unitica are the only manufacturers of PLA non-woven fabrics in Japan. The use of heat-bonded and needle-punched non-woven fabrics produced by polylactic acid is more extensive. . Only Maanshan Tongjieliang Company has developed diapers, sanitary napkins, polylactic acid fiber quilts, etc., without any added ingredients, and the materials are natural antibacterial and anti-mite.