Degradable non-woven fabrics are very useful


Shopping is an important activity in people's lives. I believe that after you check out, the salesperson will take out a plastic bag to pack all the purchased items together. Every day, hundreds of millions of plastic bags are discarded around the world, which will cause secondary pollution to the air when they are burned and decomposed. The non-woven fabric will not pollute the environment, no matter in production or in actual application.

White garbage has become a safety hazard in modern society. A large number of non-degradable plastic bags are quietly affecting our lives and slowly polluting our living environment. Even if it is an environmentally friendly plastic bag, it cannot avoid pollution to the environment during its production and degradation. The so-called environmental protection only reduces the harm of some of its components to the environment.

The non-woven products can play an important role in protecting the environment. As a result, non-woven products have been crowned as environmental messengers. The raw materials are polypropylene and polyethylene, which do not contain any harmful substances. The leftover material can also be recycled and has the function of protecting the earth. The non-woven bag can be completely degraded within 90 days, and it is non-toxic and harmless when burned. While people use non-woven bags, they also contribute to the protection of our home on the earth.