Outdoor mobile power has a short lifespan, that is why you did not do these points


1. Recharge in time, don’t wait for a completely dead battery to recharge

I think everyone has heard a word about charging mobile phones or outdoor mobile power sources. I tell you now, this sentence is very wrong. Now, some electronic products use lithium batteries. After the lithium battery is over-discharged, the capacity will be weakened, affecting the service life of the entire device. If the situation is serious, it will be scrapped directly and it may explode.

This is also a misunderstanding of many consumers at present. The mobile phone or outdoor power bank is charged when it is completely dead and turned off. However, it should be known that the lithium batteries of these devices have lower voltage limits when discharging. Some materials will begin to carbonize, resulting in a decrease in life and capacity.

2. The outdoor mobile power can be fully charged, try not to use it overnight

The second is the one that everyone is familiar with. Many people, including me, plug in the charger before going to bed to charge the phone, and then unplug it the next morning. Most people also use outdoor power banks, especially when traveling on business. But the working mechanism of mobile power is different from direct power supply.

In the later stage of charging, the mobile phone actually inputs tens of milliamps of current, but some outdoor mobile power sources are not that smart. The current setting value of the sleeper is too small or not set, even if the mobile phone is fully charged with the outdoor mobile power supply, it will be charged with a small current. At this time, charging is completely wasteful.

We must also avoid outdoor mobile power supplies every day. When the lithium battery is fully charged, the negative electrode cannot be charged with more lithium ions, resulting in the precipitation of metallic lithium on the surface of the negative electrode of the lithium ion battery. If it accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause the internal cell membrane of the outdoor mobile power supply to rupture. Causes an internal short circuit of the battery, so remember that the battery is fully charged and cannot be overcharged.

Although the outdoor power bank is a device designed to satisfy the user's battery life anytime and anywhere, in actual use, try to avoid using the outdoor power bank overnight and use it as a usb charging adapter for charging. A long time will lead to the exhaustion of the mobile power supply and affect the service life. If there is such a demand, I can replace the outdoor mobile power supply with a light-load hibernation function like mine to solve this problem.

Third, the outdoor mobile power supply is used for a long time, so it is necessary to avoid using it while charging

I believe that many of my friends will charge while playing with their mobile phones, watch videos while playing mobile phones, or charge while playing games. But we can all clearly feel that the mobile phone will heat up obviously at this time, and the high temperature will affect the service life of the lithium battery.

When using outdoor mobile power to charge mobile phones or other electronic devices, we try to avoid using them while charging. After all, compared with the charging adapter, our outdoor mobile power output capacity is not as good as the power supply. When charging and playing, it will cause the outdoor mobile power supply to use a larger output current to charge other devices such as mobile phones. At this time, more heat will be generated.

It is very common to charge mobile phones with external mobile power sources, but if you play with your mobile phone while charging, it will cause the device to generate more heat and consume more power during the whole process. On the other hand, for outdoor mobile power, whether it is a battery cell or a mobile phone battery, higher temperature changes will affect the battery to a certain extent, and the service life of the outdoor mobile power supply will decrease over time.

Fourth, outdoor mobile power is not a mobile phone, it is not good to use it if you have a fever

The fourth is the one we urgently need to pay attention to. This is related to the service life of outdoor mobile power supplies and the safety we use. The existing outdoor mobile power supplies on the market are basically lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Then, the use temperature is one we need to consider. If the ambient temperature is too low or too high, the use of outdoor mobile power will cause damage to the internal battery structure, so we cannot put the outdoor mobile power in a harsh temperature environment. use.

The news that we have seen about outdoor mobile power explosions mostly occurred in summer, which reminds us when using outdoor mobile power, do not leave outdoor mobile power in an environment with high temperature for a long time. , Or direct sunlight. Under the sun exposure in summer, the internal temperature of the outdoor mobile power supply is likely to exceed the upper limit of the lithium battery temperature. In the light of the battery cell is scrapped, in the worst it will explode and catch fire. Outdoor power banks are not some mobile phones that can be used with a fever. Overheating can cause trouble.

Five, the preservation of outdoor mobile power is also related to the length of service life

Some electronic devices used in our daily lives also need to be properly placed when not in use. They are not just your dirty clothes. Due to the structural design of some electronic devices, if the lithium battery is not used for a long time, the voltage of the internal battery cell will drop. This is what we often call the self-discharge phenomenon of lithium batteries.

For the outdoor mobile power we use daily, its self-discharge phenomenon may be more serious. Soldering the internal battery core directly to the circuit board is also the current design method of most outdoor mobile power supplies, and it is impossible for our users to disassemble the outdoor mobile power supply and then take out the battery for storage when the battery is not in use. On the one hand, most of the circuit boards of the outdoor mobile power supply are in working condition. As time goes by, the internal batteries will be exhausted, causing the outdoor mobile power supply to over-discharge, and ultimately affect the service life of the outdoor mobile power supply.

6. The storage time is not a problem. Instead of relying on circuit protection, it is better to charge in time

Most outdoor power banks on the market now also take into account the problem of internal battery discharge, and have added a protection circuit to the design. When we place the outdoor power bank not in use, the battery power drops to a certain value. Automatically cut off the circuit to reduce power loss.

But you have to be clear that these outdoor mobile power manufacturers do not have the same standard when setting the protection circuit, so it is inevitable that there will be different protection voltages, so we cannot have a fluke. What we do is to try our best When the outdoor mobile power supply prompts that the battery is insufficient, charge it even if you don’t use it. If the battery is left unused for a long time, the battery will be over-discharged and the capacity of the battery will decrease. When we place the outdoor mobile power supply, we must pay attention to charging and discharging every certain time, so as to extend the service life of the outdoor mobile power supply.