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Battery Can Punching Machine

Lightbat has an independent production workshop for new high-speed battery case stamping machine to meet the needs of different customers. After fully absorbing and digesting Japanese technology for 20 years, our technical team has developed the first generation of new double point precision high-speed punch and die, breaking the situation that this field has been monopolized by Japanese manufacturers for a long time; The new type of high-speed and precision punch adopts hyperbolic shaft design, and the perpendicularity stability of the punch is better, which is conducive to the control of steel shell wall thickness, and the wall thickness deviation can be controlled within ± 0.01mm; The speed of punch press is faster, up to more than 120 times / min, which is significantly higher than that of domestic ordinary punch press. The upper and lower dead center error is very small, which is conducive to the control of the total height and shoulder height of the steel shell. It can also be used for the pressure explosion-proof marking of the negative tank of the secondary battery.

The molds made of imported alloy have very high hardness, and the accumulated wear for one year is less than 0.005mm, which is conducive to the control of the inner and outer diameter of the steel shell; The design of multi station compound die can release the stress of steel strip and prevent cracking during binding and crimping at the mouth; The cooling system can prevent the mold from heating and deformation

The size consistency of the formed steel shell is very good, which can meet the battery production line with more than 200 grains / min; The punching speed of the die can reach 160 times / min. it is designed and processed in full accordance with Japanese technical standards and can be directly used in Japanese punch press.

Our battery case stamping equipment customer group is divided into, equipment dealers, equipment wholesalers, battery can manufacturers and mechanical equipment foreign trade companies.

We usually serve battery can manufacturers. We maintain equipment, maintain molds, develop and process new molds and debug new equipment for them at any time. At present, we have served more than 30 enterprises in China. Our team has rich technology and experience.

Welcome to buy Battery Can Punching Machine from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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