32700 Battery Cap
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32700 Battery Cap

26650 battery cap is a component at the top of the power battery. It is an important part of the power battery. It can protect the safety of the power battery and has the characteristics of anti overvoltage, explosion-proof and anti overcurrent.As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you 32700 Battery Cap. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of 32700 Battery Cap

The power battery with different positive materials and electrolytes has different characteristic temperature and voltage change curves during overcharge. Due to the overcharge protection function of the power battery cap, the charging will be forced to terminate when the overcharge reaches a certain degree. At this time, if the internal temperature of the power battery has reached the thermal runaway state, the internal pressure continues to rise, the explosion-proof film of the power battery cap will be broken, and the substances in the power battery will be ejected with the high-pressure gas.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 32700 Battery Cap

Product Name: 32700 battery cap
Model: 32700
Outer diameter (D) ± 0.05mm 31.2
Total height (H) ± 0.1mm 5
cover: SPCC
Explosion proof aluminum sheet: A1060
Insulating washer: PBT S600F20
Orifice plate: A1060
seal ring: PP K8303
Packing quantity (PCS): 10000
Carton size (cm): 36*34*26
Gross packing weight (kg / box): 19.68
MOQ (PCS): 3000

3. Product Feature and Application of 32700 Battery Cap

1. With overcharge protection function

2. It can protect the power battery in case of external short circuit

3. Low internal resistance

4. It can ensure the safety performance of power battery

4. Product Details of 32700 Battery Cap

Each specification of the power battery cap is assembled by laser spot welding or hot pressing and made of aluminum, which further improves the stability of the explosion-proof system. When the internal pressure of the power battery reaches the specified blasting specification range, a large number of substances in the power battery are quickly discharged outward through the pressure relief hole of the top cover to ensure the safety performance of the power battery.

The power battery cap is very important and plays a very important role, so we must pay attention to its performance when using it.

5. Product Qualification of 32700 Battery Cap

We have the SGS material report of this 32700 Battery Cap.

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving Of 32700 Battery Cap

Delivery - our 32700 Battery Cap delivery time is 7-10 days, and the delivery time of customized products is 14-25 days (depending on the delivery quantity)

Transportation - the nearest loading port is Shanghai. We can handle it by sea, train and air.

Service- We provide high-quality after-sales service. As long as we send email, we will try our best to solve the problem. Win win cooperation is our mission. We will help every cooperative customer improve the process requirements of the battery case.

7. FAQ

What is the material of 32700 Battery Cap ?

Generally, the 32700 Battery Cap is made of China Baosteel (bdck) and Japan Nippon Steel (spcc-bt-sd)

32700 Battery Cap size standard?

We usually ask customers to provide 32700 Battery Cap drawings for production. Of course, we can also provide customer technology to help customers use the best size.

What is the plating of 32700 Battery Cap?

We have two processes:

1. Plate - press the battery case first - nickel plating - finished battery case

2. Nickel plated plate - Stamping battery case (finished product)

Can you put my logo on products?

Yes, we can print your logo on product and color box.

How long is the delivery date?

Our 32700 Battery Cap, 32700 Battery Cap, 32700 Battery Cap, 32700 Battery Cap and other series of battery can have a production capacity of 2 million / day, and can usually be delivered within 7 days, except for custom orders (depending on the production days of the mold).

FOB port:

Shanghai or Ningbo

What is the minimum order quantity of 32700 Battery Cap?

The MOQ of our 32700 Battery Cap is 2000 PCs. we can provide less than 10 samples free of charge before placing an order, and the freight can be borne by the buyer.

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