26650 Battery Can
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26650 Battery Can

26650 battery can,we improve the welding performance of the battery through strict size and stable quality, and reduce the internal resistance and self discharge rate of the battery. It is mainly used in automatic battery production line.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of 26650 Battery Can

This is an 26650 battery can, which is used to produce 26650 lithium batteries. It is positioned in the high-end power and energy storage battery market. The product has stable size and good consistency. The characteristics of k-treatment of pre plated nickel steel greatly improve the welding performance of the battery and reduce the internal resistance and self discharge rate of the battery. It is mainly used in the full-automatic battery production line. At present, our main customers are distributed in China, Malaysia and Germany.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 26650 Battery Can

Product Name: 26650 battery can
Model: 26650
Size (mm) 26*25.40*67.8
Wall thickness(mm) 0.3
Material brand: SPCC-BT-SD,BDCK
Packing size (mm) 550*330*300
Packing quantity (PCS) 1008
Gross packing weight (kg / box) 16
MOQ (PCS) 1008

3. Product Feature and Application of 26650 Battery Can

Our 26650 battery can adopts special customized stamping machine and imported alloy die. With the continuous drawing processing technology of thin plate and years of technical experience, the stamping die can realize micron adjustment and can be made into shells of various shapes to meet the technical requirements of vehicle power battery. For 20 years, we have been engaged in the production and research of professional electroplated battery steel shell and bottom cover, and always committed to the research on how to improve the electrical properties of battery steel shell coating. With rich technical experience and special process formula, we can obtain better coating, compactness, adhesion, weldability and anti-corrosion performance, which are at the leading level in China.

4. Product Details of 26650 Battery Can

In order to make the 26650 battery can meet the requirements of power battery, we use the most advanced high-speed and high-precision stamping machine with cooling to ensure the accuracy and quality requirements of products.

5. Product Qualification of 26650 Battery Can

We have the Puny testing report and SGS material report of this 26650 Battery Can.

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving Of 26650 Battery Can

Delivery - our 26650 Battery Can delivery time is 7-10 days, and the delivery time of customized products is 14-25 days (depending on the delivery quantity)

Transportation - the nearest loading port is Shanghai. We can handle it by sea, train and air.

Service- We provide high-quality after-sales service. As long as we send email, we will try our best to solve the problem. Win win cooperation is our mission. We will help every cooperative customer improve the process requirements of the battery case.

7. FAQ

What is the material of 26650 Battery Can ?

Generally, the 26650 Battery Can is made of China Baosteel (bdck) and Japan Nippon Steel (spcc-bt-sd)

26650 Battery Can size standard?

We usually ask customers to provide 26650 Battery Can drawings for production. Of course, we can also provide customer technology to help customers use the best size.

What is the plating of 26650 Battery Can?

We have two processes:

1. Plate - press the battery case first - nickel plating - finished battery case

2. Nickel plated plate - Stamping battery case (finished product)

Can you put my logo on products?

Yes, we can print your logo on product and color box.

How long is the delivery date?

Our 26650 Battery Can, 26650 Battery Can, 26650 battery can, 32135 battery can and other series of battery can have a production capacity of 2 million / day, and can usually be delivered within 7 days, except for custom orders (depending on the production days of the mold).

FOB port:

Shanghai or Ningbo

What is the minimum order quantity of 26650 Battery Can?

The MOQ of our 26650 Battery Can is 2000 PCs. we can provide less than 10 samples free of charge before placing an order, and the freight can be borne by the buyer.

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