21700 Battery Can Punching Machine
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21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

21700 battery can punching machine(LTBT80),this battery can punch production line meets the needs of the rapid development of new energy vehicles and smart phone batteries. With the concept of "innovation", it has designed and developed a complete set of automatic multi station stamping equipment, which has been successfully applied to the field of battery shell production.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

21700 Battery Can Punching Machine(LTBT80), 800 kn open two-point press is a new type of high-performance open fixed table press in the market. Its basic structure is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the latest technologies from Taiwan and Japan. It is an upgraded product developed for the structural adjustment of traditional pressure machines. Beautiful appearance, low noise, high reliability, obvious energy-saving effect, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The products are equipped with HMI color LCD touch screen, PLC programmable control device, hydraulic overload protection device, pneumatic balance device, pneumatic friction clutch brake, frequency conversion speed regulation technology and progressive thin oil lubrication device. The rigidity of this series of products is higher than the grade a requirements of the national standard, and the accuracy is manufactured according to the grade 1 accuracy of the Japanese standard, which is better than the national standard.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

Basic parameters Unit Model
Nominal force KN 800
Nominal force stroke mm 5
Slider stroke mm 180
Number of trips SPM 35-80
Maximum mold height mm 320
Height adjustment of mold loading mm 80
Step mm 80
Distance from the center of the slider to the body mm 310
Worktable size length mm 1600
width 600
thickness 130

Hole distance
Slider bottom surface size length mm 1450

thickness 70

The height of the work surface from the ground (including the anti-vibration pad)
mm 1112
Main motor power KW 11
Air pressure MPa 0.55
Dimensions length mm 2150
width mm 1920
high mm 3270
Machine weight Kg 13500

3. Product Feature and Application of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

1: Mechanical part

The fuselage of this type of open two-point press adopts an integrated structure and is welded by Q235B steel plate. After welding, it can ensure the stiffness and strength of the fuselage after stress relief treatment and surface shot blasting treatment.

2: Guide rail

The 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine(LTBT80)guide rail adopts six sided rectangular guide rail with adjustable gap. The lower surface of the guide rail is equipped with oil collecting device to return the lubricating oil to the oil tank for recycling after filtration.

3: Transmission system

The 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine(LTBT80)transmission system adopts hyperbolic shaft transmission. The crankshaft is placed longitudinally and the fulcrum distance is short to ensure that the crankshaft has very good stiffness. A gear pair is arranged inside the transmission box, the gear shaft is made of alloy steel, the big gear is a welded gear, and the rim and hub are rolled by a ring roller at high temperature, and then subjected to corresponding heat treatment to ensure service life; The main gear and gear shaft are grinded by precision gear grinding machine to ensure stable transmission; The gear pair is enclosed in the oil pool, with low noise, compact structure and reasonable layout.

Pneumatic friction clutch brake is adopted, and the core parts such as internal bearing, friction plate and sealing ring are all famous brands. The flywheel has been tested for balance performance before assembly, and assembly can be carried out only after it is qualified to ensure stable transmission, flexible action and reliable performance.

All copper bearings and guide rails are made of copper alloy.

4: Slider

The 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine(LTBT80)sliding block adopts Q235B steel plate welded box structure with sufficient strength and stiffness to bear pressure. Conduct overall tempering treatment after welding to eliminate internal stress; The guide way adopts six sided rectangular guide rail, which has strong anti eccentric load capacity. An adjustable guide rail pressing plate is set on the machine body, and the clearance between the left and right guide rails is adjusted with push-pull bolts to ensure the retention of accuracy.

The die height of the slider is adjusted electrically. The die height can be adjusted only when the slider is at the upper or lower dead center. It adopts worm gear transmission, and the slider position measurement method adopts electronic and digital display. The reading accuracy is 0.01mm. It will stop automatically at the upper and lower limit positions. The ball head screw is nitrided and the ball bowl is copper coated, which has high wear resistance.

The sensitive hydraulic overload protection device is adopted to unload 10% of the rated tonnage, and the sliding block movement stops automatically. The protection stroke is more than 1.5 times of the nominal force stroke to ensure the safety of the machine tool and die. The overload pump is a complete set of imported brands, and the recovery time of overload protection is less than 60 seconds.

4. Product Details of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

Electrical accessories
NO. Product Name Brand
1 PLC programmable controller Taiwan Delta
2 Duplex solenoid valve Japan taco
3 Hydraulic overload protection device Ken Yueya
4 Seal ring Japan NOK / Taiwan Hansheng
5 lubrication system Zhejiang Liupan
6 Bearing Japan's five major news agencies / havalo
7 Color touch screen Taiwan Delta
8 Contactor Schneider, France
9 Relay Omron, Japan
9 Button Schneider, France
10 Air circuit breaker Schneider, France
11 Proximity switch Omron, Japan
12 Indicator light Schneider, France
13 Main motor Domestic variable frequency motor
14 Pneumatic friction clutch brake Shanghai Dingjie
15 Pneumatic components Japan SMC
16 Variable frequency speed regulating device Taiwan scholar forest
17 Oil pressure station Zhejiang Liupan
18 Damping pad iron Domestic brand

5. Deliver,Shipping And Serving Of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine

Delivery - our 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine delivery time is 7-10 days, and the delivery time of customized products is 14-25 days (depending on the delivery quantity)

Transportation - the nearest loading port is Shanghai. We can handle it by sea, train and air.

Service- We provide high-quality after-sales service. As long as we send email, we will try our best to solve the problem. Win win cooperation is our mission. We will help every cooperative customer improve the process requirements of the battery case.

6. FAQ

What models can be produced by 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine?

This equipment can be used to produce 18650 battery cans and 21700 battery cans.

What is the weight of 18650 battery can pumping machine?

The weight of this equipment is 13.5 tons.

What is the size of 21700 Battery Can Punching Machine?

The equipment size is 2.15 * 1.92 * 3.27M

Can you put our nameplate on the equipment?

Yes, we can customize your logo on the machine.

FOB port:

Shanghai or Ningbo

What is the minimum order quantity of 18650 battery can pumping machine?

One, we can customize each equipment for customers.

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