Why Choose Us?

Product Application

Lithium battery industry, solar photovoltaic industry, electric vehicle industry, pipe metal processing industry,virus prevention materials

Production Equipment

The company has five CPM-80 presses; five GC2-80D presses; five JH25-80 presses; two battery shell dedicated electroplating lines; four battery pack assembly lines; six vehicle assembly lines; three equipment assembly lines ;Fifty mask machines

Production Market

Product sales countries: China, Russia, Germany, India, the United States, Ireland, Australia, etc., and cooperate with multiple listed companies in China.

About Us

Lightbatt Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on environmental protection materials and green energy with the goal of protecting the environment. At present, lightbat mainly develops and manufactures battery cans, mobile power supply, PLA nonwoven fabric ,PLA mask,PLA melt blown ,E-Bike,battery packs, electric bicycles, photovoltaic modules, mechanical equipment and PLA materials.The team has rich experience, has been engaged in automation equipment and new energy industry for 15 years, and has developed and produced PLA materials for nearly 20 years. At present, the company has in-depth cooperation with many listed companies at home and abroad to provide high-quality materials and products, and constantly help customers optimize the process technology of product materials. The products are exported to North America, Germany, Southeast Asia and other countries.